• The July effective interest rate for a 20 year 504 loan is 4.76%, and the rate for a 10 year 504 loan is 4.50%
  • Clint Shiflet, Senior VP & Area Manager at Idaho Central Credit Union in Meridian, named the 2016 SBA 504 Lender of the Year. Congratulations and thank you, Clint!
  • IDAHO CENTRAL CREDIT UNION was named the 2016 SBA 504 Financial Institution of the Year. "Thank you", Idaho Central Credit Union for all you do to help businesses grow!
  • SBA 504 loans approved during FY2016 now how lower fees! The "up front" SBA Guarantee Fee has been reduced from 0.5% to zero. The ongoing SBA Guarantee Fee (paid annually) is reduced from 0.9375%, or 93.75 basis points per annum, to 0.914% or 91.4 basis points per annum of the outstanding balance of the loan. The total administrative costs lowered from 2.65% to 2.15%.

Capital Matrix | Application

We have included a number of documents below that will assist you in obtaining 504 financing for your project. (These forms cannot be completed on-line.)

504 Application Forms includes a questionnaire requesting basic information about your business and your project. The forms also include a checklist of information that will be needed by your bank and Capital Matrix to evaluate your loan application.

A Business Debt Schedule will be needed as part of your application if your business currently has debt.

A Personal Financial Statement is made available for your convenience. Bank forms and other financial statement formats are acceptable.

Personal History Statement forms will be required from each owner of the business (with 20% ownership and more).

Request for Transcript of Tax Return is not required at the initial application.  (The form is made available here for banks.)

You may submit your completed application forms to your commercial banker or directly to Capital Matrix.

Contact Capital Matrix if you have questions about these forms or the application process.

Download Forms

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