Growing your business requires capital.

We help business owners with real estate and equipment financing so they have the chance to grow and thrive.

If your business needs help in these areas, Capital Matrix can assist you.

  • Land acquisitions and construction of a new facility
  • Purchase and renovation of an existing building
  • Purchase of equipment
  • Refinance existing debt as part of an expansion
  • Refinance owner occupied real estate and equipment
  • Permits, impact fees, architectural fees, soft costs and lender loan fees may be included

Capital Matrix provides growing businesses access to long-term capital for real estate and equipment.

  • Assisting more than 1,400 companies

  • Providing over $530 million in financing

  • Helping businesses create more than 9,700 jobs

Current SBA 504 Rates

25 Year6.20 %
20 Year6.27 %
10 Year6.49 %

As of June 2024

How does it work?

Loan Application Forms

4 steps to get the business loan you need.

1. Connect With Your Lender

We work with the bank/credit union of your choice.

2. Engage Capital Matrix

You complete a loan package and your lender works with us to get your funding.

3. Approval Process

Your loan is reviewed and goes through the underwriting and approval process.

4. Get Funded

Your loan structure is finalized and you can keep growing your business.



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